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Call For Researchers to Join FNDR group_MAU

Malawi Adventist University Food, Nutrition and Dietetics Research group is a cluster that brings together academics, researchers and students from different medical backgrounds all conducting research related to food and nutrition in the clinical, laboratory and community settings in Malawi. It consists of nutritionists, dieticians, epidemiologist, public health specialists and biomedical scientists. It focuses on “nutrition intervention studies, food safety and microbiology and nutrition implementation science.

Activities are based on volunteering work and achieving research goals depending on group effort and team collaboration. The success of the group is measured by the number of seminars held, research projects implemented, research grants, students mentored and publications in peer review journals. The thematic areas and current projects can be accessed from Malawi Adventist University website. In this context we are launching a CALL FOR RESEARCHERS to join the research group. Interested researchers may apply to participate in a Research Group as:

  • Author of grant and research proposal
  • Mentor
  • Research student superviso
  • Author of manuscript or reviewer
  • Consultant in one or more of the focus areas
  • Seminar and research dissemination conference presenter

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be lecturers at Malawi Adventist University, Malamulo Campus or nutritionists or dieticians working with private or public hospitals.
  • Applicants must have experience as principal investigators for one of the proposed research areas